Project 01ESN app

Software Project

Budapest October, 2018

Credits & Crew

  • Paualos Garcia Morales
  • Lily-Alice Ward
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Budapest UNiversity of Technology and Economics

Why not creating a app for Erasmus Students Events?

Why not creating a useful app for all the erasmus students where they could find all the events organized by the ESN (erasmus student network ) of their host university? This was our questions when we started our Erasmus in Budapest, so that we formed a work-team and we did it. It's a simple application developed in React Native using JS and a server written in Python. The server scrap data from the ESN website and returns the events based on the request date. It filters all the past events and it shows only those which didn't happen yet. We used Firebase API to store usernames and hashed passwords for the authentication.

The application allows erasmus students to see all the events, check them one by one in their corresponding pages and see at what time they will be, the date, and a Google Map returned with the direction got from the ESN page. The server returns an interactive map using Google Maps API. When you click on the Map you can get directions to the event. In each event you could book your place, since there was always the problem of not knowing how many people would have been in an event, so that in this way the organizers could have known. At the end of the event you could also leave a feedback. There is an average vote in each event page, to see if they liked it or not.This Idea Liked very much because actually, it makes Erasmus student lifes easier. We createdthe Sign Up page, Login page, Password Recovering page, Events page and Log Out.

App prototype video

This video shows all the functionalities of the prototype from the sign up and the authentication to the events booking and voting.

Source code here: