Andrea Mancini

Hi Everyone! I'm Andrea Mancini, an italian guy living in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful city in Europe! I moved Here on the October 2nd, 2019.I am a languages lover and I really like learning them. My first language I learned was Spanish, when I was 16 y.o. beacuse I've always been attracted by the Latin American and Spanish culture so I decided that was the first language I had to learn. The second was English, because of the academic need I learned it as well. I also learned a bit(and I'm really saying a little bit) of Hungarian Living, studying and working in Budapest for almost a year and nowadays, living in Barcelona I'm also learning Catalan. Regarding my job career, it started in 2006 as worker at numerical control machines in a glass factory drawing programs with Cad for glass cutting until 2009 and during this time I was studying at the high school at the same time. I got a degree in Surveying in 2009 and I worked as quantity surveyor until 2012 being in charge for field and building measurements. In 2012 I started working again as a worker at numerical control machines and in a serigraphy department in a glass factory always drawing programs with Cad for glass cutting and being in charge for quality control. On 2016 i left the job and I started studying again at the University beacuse I had realized that I wanted to study Computer Science and become a software developer. Following my dream, in september 2019 I graduated as Applied Computer Science at University Of Urbino in Italy and I've been studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as Erasmus Student during the academic year 2018/2019. We have studied a lot of programming languages during the University but actually only one got my attention and I decided to study it deeper, Python. During my year studying in Budapest I've been travelling a lot, I visited a lot of beautiful cities around Hungary and other countries. I've been in Czech Republic (Prague) as you can see from my picture in front of John Lennon Wall, Austria (Viena), Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid, Toledo), Belgium (Bruxelles, Charleroi) since my Mom was born there and I have family there too; and to complete the circle I got to Barcelona. When I've first arrived here I was looking for a job and on November 20th 2019 I started working as Application Support Engineer in an International American software company which has headquarters in San Diego, California. I got this job and at the beginning of December 2020 I landed to San Diego for a training which was offered by the company. It was a dream being there, I had never crossed the ocean before and there I was, in California! I couldn't miss anything there so in my free time, when I wasn't working, I took advantage of being there, traveling and discovering as much as I could in that little time I had. I've first been to Santa Monica then La Jolla, Holliwood, Beverly Hills and finally I couldn't miss a Lakers' match! so I went to Los Angeles as well. It was the best experience of my life and which I'll surely have good memories of.